Trading Psychology : The Challenge of Trading

Trading Psychology The field of active trading is a challenging, fast-paced environment with nearly infinite possibilities and pitfalls. The odds are seemingly stacked against active traders in the marketplace, with studies suggesting that upwards of 80% consistently lose money and only 1% achieves predictable, long-term profitability.1) With four out of five traders showing regular losses, it’s a wonder anyone is …

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icons8-commodity-filled-100-1 Commodities

Partner with Alpha Commodities, A sister concern of the renowned and trusted LKP group.Commodity market is that the market wherever buying and selling of commodities takes place.

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icons8-sell-100-1 IPO

Our success in IPOs has been a result of our vast experience in the Primary Market. With a dedicated research team that provides clients with in-depth overviews of forthcoming IPOs as well as tailor-made investment recommendations.

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Equity & Derivatives

icons8-stocks-100-1 Equity & Derivatives

We are Dealing in Equity & Derivatives. Shares are the most common and well known form of investment in the world. Derivatives are financial instruments that derive value from the underlying.The underlying can be stocks, currency, bonds or commodities.

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