BankNifty Option Strategy for Election Result week

BankNifty Option Strategy for Election Result Week

Hello guys, I hope you all are doing good. As you know we are very closed to our election result, and many asking for a result based strategy. Here I’m sharing one of the safest strategy for this event. Keep one thing in mind, There is always a certain risk in every trade, no strategy can give you 100% profit …

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Bull Spread in GAIL

Bull Put Spread “Bull Spread” is our most favourite strategy, We combine it with some technicals breakouts, and they are giving us a very good returns. So today we want to share one our BULL PUT SPREAD strategy in GAIL which we initiate on 6th September 2017. Our Position Was:- SHORT GAIL 390PE SEP Contract (One Lot) at 12.60₹ LONG …

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