Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Relationship Manager (RM) will assist you in taking those decisions. Also, we have excellent advisory services in place. The research reports will help you to take decisions on your own.

Long term good asset but volatile.
Stay invested for minimum of preferably for 24 months.
Buy on dips and benefit from law of average.

Equity is ownership & liquid in nature. Dividend is one of the USPs.
Growing economy, high consumption, leads to growth of companies.

There are no minimum guaranteed returns in this product.
Be assured, our advisory services will enable you to maximize your profits or minimize the losses.

2 ways viz.

1 – Through the dedicated dealer provided to you [Offline Services]

2 – By login to any of the Online products provided to you.

Yes, you will get a dedicated dealer. You will receive his name and number in the welcome kit which we send you on your account opening. You simply have to call him and ask him to trade on your behalf.

Yes, we have a mobile platform. You can trade using that platform.

We recommend you have a 3G data connection on your phone for doing so.

No, the password is only with you. We keep the password in encrypted formats. So no one can sell your shares apart from you. Its advised that you keep your password safe with you.

Yes, you can approach any of our branch if you have a problem and your problem will be handled promptly (show the branch list along with map and search option. Also show the easy methods to reach out)

You can pay only through the account which linked with your demat account .

You can use online banking or you can use cheque to transfer to your demat account from you banking account.

In crash, markets are cheaper. Lower PE the better. Current valuations are acceptable. Top 10 recommended stocks of replete equities.

Invest in large-cap/good companies (weightage in sensex) .

Preference of Top 500 companies of India has never under performed Top 500 companies rep 95% of market cap has given 16-17% returns. Take the right advice.

You will have to produce the Death certificate of the deceased and produce a court indemnity stating that you are the legal hier after your parents. After that you need to open a demat & trading account on your single name and complete the share transfer process in your account.

We do not make any promises on a personal level. All the services and products explained to you are offered by the company and are standard for every client. The Dealer assigned to you will ensure you receive all the services for which you are eligible.

BSDA stands for \”Basic Services Demat Account\”. All the individuals who have or propose to have only one demat account where they are the sole or first holder shall be eligible to have a BSDA provided that the value of securities held in the demat account does not exceed Rupees Two Lakhs at any point of time. An individual can have only one BSDA in his/her name across all depositories.

\”Power Of Attorney\” is taken from the customers to safeguard the company\’s interest. In event of customer not squaring off his position on his own, and also not in a position to pay the amount, Angel broking will have the right to square off the customers position and pay the debt.

Equity, Commodity, and Currency account can be opened with Replete Equities.

In such a scenario, client can provide any other valid photo id proof in support to pan card such as Driving License, Passport, Voter id or Aadhar Card etc.

Yes. You can only open trading account and link your existing demat account.

KRA or KYC Registration Agency is an agency registered with SEBI under the Securities and Exchange Board of India {KYC (Know Your Client) Registration Agency} Regulations, 2011. The KRA maintains KYC records of an investor centrally, on behalf of capital market intermediaries registered with SEBI.

Yes, you get online confirmation of orders and trades – the status of any order is updated on real-time basis in the Order Book. As soon as you place your order they are validated by the system and sent to the exchange for execution. The entire process is fully automatic and there are no manual interventions. You will also receive an e-mail confirming the orders placed by you at the end of the trading day. Digitally signed contract notes will also be sent via e-mail for the orders executed during the trading day.

Margin Funding is a lending facility where client can avail loan to trade in shares (Cash Segment of BSE & NSE ) against margin amount. The investor pays only an agreed percentage (margins) of the total value of shares bought and the remaining is funded by Replete Equities.

Margin Funding facility is beneficial to the investors who trades on delivery basis and holds investment. As per the Exchange guideline Debit is not allowed in Broking beyond T+7. To take high exposure

Along with your demat trading account, you need to open an NBFC account with us. The account opening is completely free.

The trade is initiated by the dealer only on your consent. At Replete Equities, client trust is of utmost importance and we guard it safely. No trade will ever be made without your consent, but if it happens, we will reverse the entire trade immediately and a very strict action will be taken against the action. You also have an option to send us your feedback/complaints on our website.

This is your money which is credited in your Trading Account which you will open with us and you can withdraw this money anytime you want (just like your saving bank a/c). It is simply a transfer from your bank a/c to your trading a/c. This amount can be higher than Rs 25,000 also depending on your investment needs. As mentioned earlier, we provide an additional 100% margin amount at a reasonable 18% rate of interest to enable you to have higher trading limits.

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