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Learn how to trade & invest in Share Market

Learn how to trade & invest in Share market – The Essential Guide, India’s Best blog to Learn trading & investing in Share Market. Stay tuned to Replete Equities for more Updates and learn how to earn consistently with options strategies:

Learn how to trade & invest in Share market

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Learn trading & investing in share market

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The words ‘trading’ and ‘investing’ cannot be used interchangeably with reference to the financial market. Trading and investing in the financial market are two completely different activities. Okay, they may not be “completely different” but it’s not the same either.

Learn trading & investing in share market in india

The major difference lies in the time period. Trading is considered to be a short-term activity. While investment is a long-term activity. A person who ‘trades’ seeks to make a profit irrespective of the economic situation of the financial market. He/She does not necessarily wait for ‘uptrends’ nor do they deem it to be necessary to wait for the market to outperform expectations in order to earn profits. However, an investor invests in keeping exactly this in mind. He/She invests today, anticipating outperformance in the future that will yield profits in the long-run.

To a lot of you, the difference between the ‘trading’ and ‘investing’ may prove to be just a trifling little detail. But if you are seriously interested in  learning about the financial markets, the way they work and they way they can be worked for personal gain, you should pay heed to the difference.

Before venturing further into this article, understand this. Trading, as a money-generating/wealth-accumulation activity is not easy. Don’t ever think of it as a ‘shortcut’ for success. If you want to be a successful trader in this share market, one of the first things that you should do, at a personal level for yourself is to decide to take a stance.

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